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This is the first entry of the new Rebel Blog.

We hope to make this blog a place for information. This will be a place you can come for tools and tips regarding your pool, equipment and maintenance.

We will provide timely information to help you keep your pool and equipment in top condition, regardless of time of year; wrapping up the swim season in Fall, winterizing your pool equipment, preparing your pool for swim season in Spring and maintenance requirements for the busiest time, summer.

Stop back anytime…!

Now that the Fall weather is upon us, we can breathe a sigh of relief and reduce the number of pump hours, saving energy and MONEY!

The rule of thumb is ONE hour of pump time for every TEN degrees of air temperature.  So, if the average daytime temperature is 70 degrees, pumps should run an average of 7 hours daily.

As we move into winter season, we will continue to reduce the operating pump time and ultimately switch to nighttime operation. We make this change to ensure water circulation through the plumbing in order to protect against freezing. We do NOT want frozen pipes underground that may burst, causing major damage and considerable cost to repair.

So far, so good….the weather is cooperating and we haven’t had any real windy days. But, they’re coming, as certain as Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve.

Before the winds come is a great opportunity to do some of the regular maintenance that some of us have been putting off for a while; like cleaning filters.

It’s VERY important to keep the pump filters clean and free of debris and dirt. Clogged filters will cause the pump motor to work harder to circulate water and eventually damage the pump itself. It’s best to be pro-active and take the time to clean them. If you have good pressure from your garden hose, that’s all you’ll need and it can be done in about 20 minutes. It’ll be one of the best investments in time you can make.

While the filters are out, inspect them for damage and wear. The constant pressure of water circulating through them will take a toll over time. Look for broken bands and pleats that are beginning to separate. If the bands are broken and the pleats look like an overworked accordion, it’s time to replace them.

When replacing filters, it’s also a good time to inspect the O-ring that is seated around the filter housing. If the ring is stretched out or showing wear, replace it now.
The O-ring provides a secure seal to your system, eliminating potential for leaking and ensuring proper operation.

Brrrr….it’s that time of year again. Winter;  cold days and even colder nights. It’s time to change the timer so the pool pump is working during the coldest times to protect against frozen pipes.

Some of the newer pumps have a ‘freeze protection’ built in. When the temperature goes below 40 degrees, the pump will automatically begin circulating water to guard against freezing. Check your owner’s manual to see if your pump has this feature.

For those who do not, we suggest changing the pump timer to a nighttime schedule. Running the pump from 11PM to 4AM should suffice and keep water flowing through the night to keep underground pipes from freezing.