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At Rebel Pool Service LLC, we pride ourselves on working tirelessly to create the perfect environment for our clients to enjoy their pool. We think of it as your vacation at home! Time for the entire family to relax.



Our professional technicians will perform the following tasks every week:


  • Brush Tile & Walls
  • Net Pool Surface
  • Vacuum Pool Floor (as required)
  • Check & Adjust Water Chemical Balance
  • Empty Debris Baskets (Skimmer/Pump)
  • Inspect Equipment




Every week, REBEL POOL SERVICE technicians record their activities on our exclusive, RPS Maintenance Log.

The log is a record of activities performed during the service visit. The log is kept in the control panel at all times, for your inspection.


The record includes: 

  • Services performed
  • Chemical levels (chlorine, pH, alkalinity)
  • Water pressure at the pump filter
  • Chemicals added (muriatic acid and/or chlorine)
  • Salt level (if applicable)
  • Additional services performed (filter/salt cell maintenance)
  • Comments







Clean filters are extremely important to the overall operation of your pool equipment. The pool water circulates through the filtering system, removing debris and then returning the filtered water back to the pool and spa.


The most popular type are cartridge filters that must be monitored for proper operation. We inspect the filters periodically to ensure they are in good working order. We clean your filters quarterly (every three months). Most filters are made of high quality spun polyester, pleated and wrapped around a heavy plastic or PVC core that allows water to flow from the outside of the cartridge to the center core. Pool filter cartridges are bound on each end with a heavy type of rubbery plastic that is melted or fused to the ends of the rolled up pleats and the inner core. 


In addition to maintenance, the average lifespan of a filter depends on several factors; pump size, water circulation, number and size of filters in use. Typically, in our part of the country, filters begin to deteriorate after 18 months and should be replaced when the bands break and pleats separate.





You can see a green tint to the cloudy water.



The scourge of every pool owner is the potential for an algae bloom. Algae will grow in a pool for a variety of reasons:


  • Poor water circulation
  • Poor water balance
  • Insufficient pump time
  • Poor water sanitation
  • Abundance of debris
  • High phosphate levels


Our highly trained technicians know how to deal with algae issues quickly and efficiently. We will identify the type of algae present, add the proper chemicals to remove the problem and ensure that it doesn't return.



Clear, healthy, clean water. Sparkling and inviting!
















Acid washing is a process that cleans calcium deposits, stains, algae and more. Over the lifetime of a pool's plaster, it is recommended that acid washing be done no more than 3 times. The reason being is that each time the acid mixture is applied, it reduces the plaster veneer's thickness. After three acid washes, the veneer becomes extremely thin. Most experts will recommend that you get an acid wash done when stains are highly noticeable, and your typical cleaner doesn’t do the job itself. 


The cost of acid washing a pool is going to greatly vary on a few various factors such as the pool size and age, as well as other various factors.

Service includes:
  • Drain the pool
  • Apply acid mixture and brush walls and floor
  • Refill pool
  • Balance new water chemicals

An additional charge is required for pools with hard to clean calcium stains. These stains, (white line around the edge of the pool) occur from hard water. We may suggest a different course of action, such as glass bead blasting to remove these calcium stains.



The chlorine wash requires use of several gallons of liquid chlorine which is applied directly onto the pool surface.  We scrub the entire pool with the chlorine which kills all contaminents and disinfects the pool. This is an effective treatment for algae removal. We use full strength chlorine for best results, not diluted.  The chlorine wash cleans the surface of the pool very well, removing dirt and some stains.  The wash is great for pools with any kind of algae problem and is highly recommended for all green pools. 


Service includes:
  • Drain the pool
  • Apply chlorine and brush walls and floor
  • Refill pool
  • Balance new water chemicals